A new era of digital intimacy.
This revolutionary software redefines intimacy over the internet by offering true live control of stroker robots! Equipped with a user-friendly interface, Ayva Remote brings you closer to your partner's actual touch. Compatible with popular devices such as The Handy, OSR2+, SR6, and SSR1, it goes beyond typical automated apps to create a more personal connection with anyone in the world! Simple, effective, and free – discover new dimensions of remote intimacy today.
Explore the most advanced random stroker app on the internet! Effortlessly create or import your own custom stroke patterns while enjoying a wide range of presets. Adjust speeds and transitions for a unique experience with Free Play mode, which intelligently selects strokes to fit your preferences. Advanced users can harness the power of the custom scripting library to unlock limitless creative possibilities. Embrace a whole new level of personalized, automated enjoyment... for free!
An open-source, behavior-based JavaScript library designed for controlling stroker robots. With its expressive Motion API, Ayva.js enables designing complex movements across multiple axes, and includes built-in behaviors such as innovative orbital motion-based patterns. Ideal for browser or Node.js applications, it offers seamless cross-platform functionality with zero dependencies. Ayva.js is the ideal toolkit for developers seeking to push the boundaries of stroker robot control, blending advanced features with ease of integration.
This easy-to-use, open-source desktop application bridges the gap between web and desktop platforms. It allows for smooth streaming of motion to various outputs over a network, including WiFi-enabled devices and 3D simulators such as Virt-a-Mate. Perfect for enhancing interactive experiences in applications like Ayva Stroker Lite and Ayva Remote, it's also versatile enough to work with any WebSocket-compatible app. Whether you're syncing with a single device or multiple at once, Ayva WebSocket Hub makes it effortless.
A sleek and powerful web-based 3D emulator for Open Source Multi Axis Stroker Robots. Effortlessly import it into your project and bring to life the intricate movements of devices such as the OSR2+, SR6, and SSR1. Ideal for both developers and hobbyists, it offers efficient memory cleanup, and automatically adjusts to your target element's size so it fits seamlessly into your application.
Ayva Dance Under Development
The rhythm of desire—this innovative software will make your stroker dance to the beat of your favorite music. Ayva Dance promises an immersive experience, where technology meets rhythm to create a symphony of sensations. Customize the dance to suit your mood, whether you're in the mood for a slow, sensual sway or a pulsating, energetic tempo. Designed with the same simplicity and sophistication of other offerings, Ayva Dance will introduce a whole new dimension to musical intimacy. Stay tuned in 2024 for a unique, rhythm-infused journey where each beat brings a new wave of pleasure.